The road so far (please excuse the supernatural reference)

I have always been an auntie. I have four nieces and five nephews, some family, some are the children of friends. I have always loved being an auntie and I was very content with that when I felt that that was my only option. See, I was never jealous, upset with myself but not so much jealous. I was always happy for my friends and family who were able to conceive, I was just upset with myself that for some reason my body was incapable of doing things that a woman’s body should be able to do. 

Now that I am carrying this beautiful life, I am seeing things from a completely new side. I have had three appointments and a fourth coming up next week. Two ultrasounds so far and a good five hours of blood and urine testing. I have never really mad myself and my health a priority. But I’m slowly learning that I have to so that my body can support this extra life. 

In my first appointment, they did the fifty questions with all the family history info and estimating the due date upon information from my last period. With pcos and endometriosis I have NEVER had normal periods. They could last eleven months at a time and I could get a week break and it would start all over again. So when I explained my last period to my doctor she originally guessed that I was 13 weeks and due April 3rd when in fact I was 5 weeks and due may 25th.

My second appointment was with a doctor I wasn’t seeing. They wanted me to meet with HIM (which, for many reasons, makes me uncomfortable) so if my regular doctor is unable to deliver I at least know him. He ordered my first ultrasounds where we found out the actual due date and size of the baby. He also ordered SO MANY tests for the lab. Thyroid, hgh ( human growth hormone), things like that. So I sat through five hours of tests and I’m glad I did. He prescribed me thyroid medicine and requests that I do all of these in a few months.

My last appointment was a physical and my doctor asked to do another ultrasounds so we could check the heart rate of the baby, and it was a strong 172-177 beats per minute. But while they did the ultrasound, they noticed that my ovaries still had cysts on them and a very large one on my right. So currently, she wants to see me every two weeks so they can monitor it and see how it’s going. She swears it will cause no harm to the baby so, I’m not as stressed over it. In this appointment she also administered what is called a RHogam shot. When she did my physical, she noticed spotting and explained that my blood is RH protein negative where the babies is RH protein positive so this shot just tells my body that the baby is there and it’s okay, so my body doesn’t try to reject the baby. I will have to take this three times during this pregnancy and any pregnancy here after.

This next appointment we get to schedule our nipt and I can’t wait. My fiance is dying to know the gender. Me, I kinda want to wait. But we’ll see how it goes! If you’re reading this, let me know if you’ve had similar experiences! I’d love to know that these are all common things lol.


In the beginning… there was a man and a woman

I remember the day I first met my fiance. Sometime about eight years ago, my mom and I had moved back to northern California after living in southern California with my brother and his wife. We moved back and we had plans to move into a place with my sister and I would take care of my mom, who at the time, was very sick. We had been back up there for a couple of weeks and I had met and gotten to know a few of my sister’s friends. At that point in my life I was focused on my life with my family. I had just ended a horrible marriage that my mom had warned me against and recovering from the aftermath of all of that mess. I was making my way to trying to be happier. 

In my off time with helping my mom, usually pretty late after she fell asleep, I was able to get out of the house, hang out with new friends and have some down time. So, one night I was less than a minute away at a friend’s house and we were hanging out, having a couple of drinks. Her and her husband had family staying with them for a while and they (her husband’s sister-in-law and her fiance) showed up with this gorgeous guy and my Lord, I was done. 

I have never been the loud one when I just meet people. I usually take a while to open up but something this night just… I don’t know… changed I guess. I was flirting with him and joking and more flirting. He had the most amazing blue eyes! Every joke, every flirtatious remark, he just kept smirking and trying to brush it off. After a while I needed to get back home and check on things so, I said goodnight and headed home but Damn did I think about this man. 

I went back the next night and he wasn’t there so I went the night after, for some reason I was so stuck on him. It was like I was a kid again with a silly crush. Three days had passed and I told myself I was staying home and watching a movie. There was no way in Hell someone like that would be interested in someone like me, bigger girl with low self-esteem and a big mouth lol. All the sudden my sister comes in and she is excited because he showed back up and she thought he was kinda cute too. She came in, changed and left and I sat there… fuming. I talked to my mom about it and she told me to go, she said she wasn’t feeling well and she just wanted to get some sleep anyway. I got her showered and got her medication to her, tucked her in bed and put one of her favorite John Wayne movies on. She passed out and I have it about thirty minutes before leaving. 

I showed up and low and behold, there he was. Standing with a cold beer in his hand looking sooooooooooo fine! We sat there, talking for about an hour. About the oddest things. My sister said she had to run home and grab something and she would be back, and she offered to check on our mom. After a while she came back, tells me out mom is sick and needs to go to the hospital. I started heading back immediately and he called after me asking if I needed help. I was in such a hurry I didn’t even have time to answer. He followed me back and stood at the door waiting, just to make sure everything was okay. My sister said she wanted to stay at the hospital with mom and I could stay home and Tim offered to stay there with me so I wasn’t alone. Handsome, funny and sweet! 

One thing led to another that night and I remember falling asleep in his arms, laying on my right arm for so long it fell asleep long before I did. That was the first night we spent together. Almost seven years later, we still fall asleep together every night, tell each other we love each other, no matter how upset we are… and on top of that, we just found out we are expecting a child.

Now, here is the funny thing. This, having a child, this wasn’t supposed to be possible. A while ago we found out that I had pcos and endometriosis and my obgyn had suggested sterilization for me. I didn’t want to do that just yet so she put me on birth control. My prescription ran out after a few months and my annual visit was due so she wouldn’t refill said prescription. No problem right, we’ll see if things are okay for now till I can make it in. 

He started seeing things way before I did. The signs. And he brought home the tests for me to take. And, guess what came back positive?! We are slowly getting used to the idea of being parents but this is going to be a long road! I’m currently in my 11th week and things are looking great. The baby is getting bigger and the heart rate is strong so I am so happy!